The 6 Top Selling Products On Amazon For Sellers Going After BIG Bucks

Top Selling Products On Amazon

Discover the top selling products on Amazon and you may as well have discovered a gold mine!

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and it’s called the “Everything Store” for a reason.

It generates almost $89 billion in annual sales, has a market capitalization of $293 billion (as on April 23, 2016) and has sold over 2 billion products since it began as an online bookseller in the mid-90s. Today Amazon is more than just book seller – in fact books are even today the top selling products on Amazon.

Self-published authors are making 5,6 or even 7 figure thanks to Amazon Kindle Store.

If you are not an author, there is still room for you to make big bucks there. You don’t even have to own a huge brand or spend large sums on advertising.

Amazon has revolutionized the world of selling and eCommerce.

Once you tap onto the most profitable items to sell on Amazon you have the opportunity to build a serious business about it. It’s not even that hard, if you know the “how to” stuff.

So, What Are The Top Selling Products on Amazon?

If you are a seller on Amazon, you will desperately want to know the answer to this question.

Selling products that are proven successes on Amazon can make all the difference to your prospects as a seller.

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It would also help to know about best selling products on Amazon even if you are an Amazon affiliate, so that you can pick them up and start promoting them on your website or blog for big commissions, with an assurance that they will definitely convert.

Why is it so important to pick the best products to sell on Amazon?

Well, as a seller, you live or die by your products.

They determine whether you are able to earn a decent income or not.

Not everyone can make money as an Amazon seller. It’s particularly hard when you are just starting out.

Most sellers end up losing money early on in on Amazon FBA

(But that should not discourage you though.)

Success one Amazon is achieved through consistent product sales, maintaining a seller rating of at least 95%, great customer service, delivering on time and getting excellent feedback from buyers, over a period of time.

You may have got everything else right. You may have found a great supplier, set the right price, acquired high quality products, and optimized your listing.

But picking the wrong product to sell can cause irreparable harm to your business

Picking the wrong product is the #1 reason for sellers to lose money and give up selling on Amazon out of frustration.

So, what is the criteria for picking up a product?

There are 2 golden rules for discovering products that make you money like a gold mine:

  1. The product solves a problem.
  2. The product makes someone’s life easier.

Unless the product you have abides by these rules, it’s not likely to have high rates of success. Most sellers that fail to succeed on Amazon, are not getting this right.

They try to sell based on current trends and take advantage of “opportunities”.

For instance, with the recent virality that Pokemon Go has received, many sellers decided it was a good idea to start selling Pokemon Go related products.

From Pokeball chargers to Pokemon pins, the market has been flooded with products to satisfy the Pokemon fans.

However, fads like this usually fade away pretty soon. The sellers who made the decision to tap on this “opportunity” might have made some bucks, but they will inevitably see their sales plummeting soon.

This is a short-term approach.

The long-term, profitable approach is selling products that abide by the above 2 golden rules: problem solving and make life easier.

Nobody wants to have problems, and people are more eager to whip out their credit cards and buy when something is bugging them. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a little convenience and ease?

So whether you are an Amazon affiliate, a seller with Amazon FBA or an eBay seller using a dropshiping strategy to make money from Amazon, you will definitely find the information given here useful.

Note that these are general suggestions. You should think about these in conjunction to the above golden rules to trigger your “idea muscle” to come up with the right product to sell.

Without further ado, here are the 6 top selling products on Amazon.

1. Electronics under $50

Top Selling Products On Amazon

Electronics under $50 will always be one of the most popular categories on Amazon. Why splurge hundreds or even thousands of dollars on electronics when you can get something as sophisticated as Google Chromecast for just $35?

There are so many great tech gifts that cost between $25 and $50.

As a seller you would be interested to know that 20% of Amazon customers have bought at least one tech product that costs $50 or less over the last 30 days.

This is not surprising at all. Technology has completely revolutionized our lives. It makes things easier, faster and more convenient.

Set aside the tech-fans and you would still have an incredibly profitable market of people looking for convenience as well as fast and easy solutions to their day to day issues.

Some electronics make our lives easier while other solve problems. There might be electronics that solve a problem and the result is making our lives easier.

That’s completely normal, and if you can find a product that does it, you have hit the nail on the head.

The mistake most Amazon Sellers make is trying to sella product just out of inspiration or because it’s hot and trending.

What you think is good is not what customers think is good. The safest bet is to look for a problem and provide them with a solution.

People will gladly pay you to solve their problems, but they will not pay you because you were inspired a certain day in August and thought that a particular product is what you should be selling

#2: Toys

top selling amazon products

Toys had a fabulous year on Amazon, increasing by 33.1% over the last month and continue to go strong.

As a seller you would be aware that toys are high margin products and there is a plenty of profit to be made with them. There are a million listings for toys on Amazon, so this is a hotly contested category.

Which are the hottest selling toys on Amazon?

Surprisingly, Barbies still hold the highest position among toys, as they have for pretty much the last 50 years. Nothing’s changed there! Lego sets are very popular too, especially the limited edition Star Wars Lego sets.

Of course, you might not be able to sell Barbies or Legos, but there are still is still a HUGE opportunity out there. Kids are kids and they will always have the desire of playing with toys.

Do toys solve a problem? Do they make someone’s life easier?

Hell YES!

They solve the problem of kids crying all day and not letting you have some personal time to relax. Mommy buys little John some action figures, and she now can sit at her comfortable sofa, watch TV and drink a glass of wine after a long day at work.

It makes the her life easier, by reducing nagging and crying. Toys are huge problem-solvers, and if you sell a good one, then you have lots of potential to make really good money from that.

#3: Electronics above $50

Electronics above $50 continue to be popular as well.

Over 13% of Amazon customers have purchased at least one tech gadget worth more than $50 over the last 30 days. Which are the most popular products in this category?

Well, the Kindle Paperwhite 6” costs $119 and is a top selling product; as is the Yamaha Front Surround System that costs $205.

Other popular electronics above $50 include the ASUS Wireless Router that costs $219.99, the Pelican Protect Gun Case that costs $234.95, and the Samsung 32-Inch TV which only costs $267.00.

Don’t let the higher price tag discourage you.

You could definitely get into the highly profitable market of more expensive digital devices.

#4: Physical Books

top selling amazon products

Don’t believe the rumors – physical books are still very popular. Experts talked about the launch of Amazon Kindle would signal the end of the book publishing industry as we know it and physical books were soon to become history. But that’s not how it turned out.

For sure, sales of physical books have declined by 5.4% year-on-year, but they are still the top selling items on Amazon. You just cannot go wrong with them.

Over 20 percent of Amazon customers have bought at least one physical book over the last 30 days and this is very heartening indeed.

Physical books are very much alive! The best selling physical book on Amazon right now is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up… by Marie Kondō. It’s a huge success and has already notched 8,951 reviews. StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath comes second and has 2,561 reviews.

Does this mean that you should write a book?

Not necessarily. But you could come up with product ideas you know that book lovers would love to get their hands on.

See this list of cool and creative gadgets for some inspiration.

#5: CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs

Top selling products on amazon

CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are not as popular as they once used to be. This category has fallen off the charts at an alarming rate.

These products have dropped by 16.1% since last year. This is the highest drop experienced by any product category on Amazon.

Why would anyone buy a CD or DVD today with options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify so easily available?

Even so, 15% of Amazon customers have bought at least 1 CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc in February this year.

Once again, the way you think should be similar to before.

How can you find a product that solves problem related to watching DVD’s, movies etc? How can you satisfy an unmet need or how can you make someone’s life easier?

#6: Video Game – Related Items

Top selling products on amazon

Video games have always been among the hottest selling products on Amazon. Gamers are among Amazon’s most loyal customers and they have never let Jeff Bezos down. So which is the best selling game on Amazon right now?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tops the charts and was the best selling product on Amazon for any category during the last Holiday Season. Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront are popular too.

The hottest game right now is the new Tom Clancy’s The Division on PlayStation 4.

“But wait, are you telling me that I should make a game and sell it?”

Of course not. What I am telling you is that the popularity and rise of Video Games hides another opportunity behind of it.

Gaming chairs, gaming racks, bags…you name it!

Find or create something that could be useful to gamers and you have just found a vein of gold!


So these are the 6 top selling products on Amazon for sellers going for BIG bucks. Are you excited by any of them?

Have tried selling any of them before?

If so, we would love to know about your experiences with them. Do keep us posted. 

If you have any questions for us about selling on Amazon, just leave them in the comments below.

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