Email List Building – A Timeproof Money Making Machine For Your Amazon Business

Let’s face it.

If you are an Amazon seller, Amazon is not your store and it will never be.

You, as every other seller, no matter if you have a personal or professional account, a Vendor Express or Vine membership, you are still a host on Amazon’s platform.

And you cannot deny that when someone hosts you, you have to follow their rules.

As you very well know, in October 2015 Amazon banned the incentivized reviews, leaving every Amazon seller jaw-dropped and terrified, wondering “How am I supposed to launch my next product”, “How can I ever compete with other sellers of my category that already have thousands of reviews” and more and more worrying questions.

Your circus, your monkeys, right, Amazon?

Well. But what you can you do about it?

How could you scale your business when Amazon has your hands tied?

Instead of sighing in despair, let me share with you one of the most PROFITABLE, EFFECTIVE and TIMEPROOF methods to elevate your business and shield it against any unpredictable policy that Amazon may apply anytime.

Thinking…Is there a way to negate all the downsides and restrictions of Amazon’s system and make some room to run your business the way you want?

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GOOD NEWS: Yes, there is.

And this excellent method that is guaranteed to breathe new life into your Amazon business is called the EMAIL LIST BUILDING.

Or you can agree with me on naming it “Email Treasure List”, once you realize its significant importance. Not sure whether you should call it a “Treasure List” or not?

Well, here are what some significant figures of the online marketing world have to say about the value of email marketing:

McKinsey & Company: E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times than of Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s because 91 percent of all US consumers still use e-mail daily.

GetResponse’s 2016 State of Email: For every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38.

And if you think that emails are old-fashioned, annoying and doomed to be sent to the “deleted” folder in a matter of seconds, just keep in mind this number: 66%
Are you wondering what this number is about?

Well, 66% of those potential customers who received marketing emails took a step forward and purchased the product that was effectively sold to them.That’s a massive number of people, that would not have made that much-desired purchase, if it was not for the emails’ powerful effect.

Email List – The Amazon Sellers’ Ultimate Multitool

There is one thing that all successfully Amazon sellers who are currently handling an email list agree on: “I wish I had started it earlier”

Your email list is like owning a treasure chest full of gold that never runs out.

Having the chance to reach out to your customers whenever you wish to, without having to keep in mind all the restrictions and rules of Amazon that you definitely do not want to violate, is of vital importance for the growth of your business, and the truth speaks for itself

=>ASK FOR REVIEWS: If you have access to your customers’ emails, you can definitely follow up with them, kindly asking to leave a review or just contact you in case they face the slightest issue with your product.

Reaching out to them by email will have incredibly better results than just contacting them through Amazon’s system.Emails, are not only more intimate and personal, but they also allow you to ADD VALUE to each of the messages sent to your customers.

For instance, along with a nicely phrased message asking for a review, you could also offer a PDF checklist or a short E-Book that relates to your product.This would have a vast impact on motivating your customers to share their positive feedback with the Amazon community.

And it gets even better.

=>PREVENT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: You probably have been in that situation where a negative review has ruined the impact of your perfect listing and reduced your conversion rates.As Benjamin Franklin have said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

By personally contacting your customers and letting them know that you are right there for them for ANY issue they may face with your product, you decrease the chances of having negative reviews posted on your Amazon listings, as the interaction takes place through emails and not via Amazon’s system.

Any customer would appreciate knowing that there is a REAL PERSON behind their computer screen who is willing to go the extra mile for them.

This Is the BEST way to prevent negative feedback and 1 or 2 star reviews that have the power to destroy your conversion rates and ranking. REMEMBER:

customer sevice quote
=>LAUNCH NEW PRODUCTS: How incredibly easier would it be to turn to your existing customer base and let them know about your amazing new product that is about to get launched, instead of searching in the dark to find new customers that are willing to try it out? Your customers already know you and they trust your brand.

If you offer them a special coupon with a decent discount, chances are that they will be more than willing to add it to their cart! Even if they don’t go all the way to click the precious “Add To Cart Now” button, you still managed to send a ton of traffic to your listing.

Successful launching made real!

=>CROSS SELLING: Having a brand with a focus on a specific niche and a customer base that is interested in I, is the best way to scale your business!

You may contact with direct emails your happy customers anytime to let them know about your new products and the exclusive rates you want to offer them.No deep discounts are needed here; just a 20% off coupon to show your appreciation would be enough to do the trick!

=>PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA: Amazon apparently prohibits the use of any link or url on the listing or in the messages sent through its platform.

However, this is not the case with your email list! Now, you can share with your customers any links or any content you wish to, risk free!

The game gets even more interesting when it comes to getting the email address of POTENTIAL clients, those that are yet to be your Amazon customers.

Let’s imagine that you sell amazing pet related products. By collecting the emails of thousands of pet lovers through FB groups or any other social network, you would have a great amount of traffic and sales easier than you could have ever expected!

All it takes would be an engaging email with a link to your listing page on Amazon!

How To Build An Email List –  A Invaluable Treasure For Your Business

There are several elements that you need to employ in order to build a handy email list that will generate great profits for your Amazon business.

     1.Email Marketing Software

The first and most important element you need, is an email marketing software that will collect and save all the emails for you, hassle free.

While there are dozens of different email marketing services, here is a list of the 5 most popular choices:

Aweber 30-day free trial
Pricing starts from $19/month
MailChimp FREE for up to 12,000 emails, to 2,000 subscribers
Pricing starts from $10/month
GetResponse 30-day free trial
Pricing starts from $15/month
Constant Contact  60 day free trial
Pricing starts from $20/month
Campaign Monitor  Pricing starts from $9/month

No matter which one you choose, they all work pretty similar and can do the trick. Just make sure you can export your email list, in case you want to change software in the future.

     2.A Website or a Blog

If Amazon store is your rented land, your personal Website or Blog is your own home.

This is where you can invite your customers in and play the role of the host.

No, no. Don’t be discouraged. Setting up a Website or a Blog sounds like a big deal, but it is not like that anymore.If you already have a website, you are good to go! If not, don’t worry.Thankfully, now you can create a beautiful website in less than an hour, and of course without spending a fortune.

Just to make things clear, you don’t need a super detailed and extraordinary website for the sole purpose of collecting emails. A simple, one-page website would be enough to get things rolling.

     3.A Killer Landing Page

There are dozens of ways to get the email of potential customers.For the purpose of this post, we will focus on some effective ways to get the emails of your Amazon Customers, once they have purchased your product.

Ready for some treasure hunt?

A. Insert Cards – A Little Piece of Paper of Priceless Value!

Insert cards are those small cards you can find in many product packages that usually thank the customer for buying that product or offer some kind of discount or coupon for the next purchase.

Package inserts is not only a wonderful way to increase customer loyalty but also a safe path to your customers’ email address.How could a piece of paper help you reach your goals by adding emails in your treasure list?

Well… Imagine that customer of yours, submitting his order and then longing for that X Amazon product to reach at his front door. Some days pass by and the product arrives.

Upon opening his brand new X product, he comes across a nicely designed card saying:INSERT CARD SAMPLEAnd yes, here you go!

Your customer now gives some thought to it, and chances are he will go the extra mile to sign up, in exchange for the lifetime guarantee that you generously offered.

If you are not into offering an extended guarantee, there are dozens of ways to persuade them to share your email with you. Yet, ALWAYS, you have to offer something valuable in exchange for that.

Depending on your product, here is a list of proven effective ideas that work!

  • Special Coupons: Money makes the word go round, right? Offer your customers a 10% or 20% off for their next purchase using a coupon code, and rest assured that they will gladly offer their email to get it!
  • Free eBooks: Some examples would be a recipe book for kitchen products or health supplements, a training guide for the sports and outdoors category, a gardening guide, a fairytale or bedtime story for baby-kids products, a book with decorative ideas for the home and kitchen items and so much more!
  • Handy Checklists: Ideal for all seasonal products and items that are meant to be used for special occasions. Just a couple of examples would be creating checklists for a Christmas Dinner preparation, a Birthday party, a Halloween gathering, a wedding day plan, a baby shower, a graduation ceremony and more.
  • Wish Cards: How many gifts have you bought from Amazon? How many wish cards did you buy on top of that? Now you can offer your customers more value, by creating a couple of gift card ideas they can download, print and offer along with your awesome product. Just let them know where to sign up in order to receive their free wish card and the rest is history!
  • Create a Competition: Get your customers to sign up in your social media by running a giveaway competition. Just let them know that they are automatically eligible to win (whatever you are willing to offer) by joining the community you have created!
  • Join The Social Media Marketing Hype: Share your web page, Facebook or Instagram group with your customers and encourage them to join your community to get amazing tips and ideas about your product. Even if you don’t get their email at this stage, having them signed up in one of your social media account will still allow you to keep in touch with them and try to sign them up in your list –at a later point- using similar methods!


I seriously cannot list all the amazing ideas that you can include in your product package.Yet, what I consider a MUST for your product package, is to include some contact information. Just let you customers know where they can find you, in case they need your help.

Give them your website, your FB page, a contact form or even a phone number. Even if you don’t manage to get their email address directly, this can still open the way to sign them up in your list. 

Do you remember the title of this section? Well, Landing Pages.

No matter which insert card or product package idea you choose to work on, the sure thing is that you want to direct your customers into an engaging landing page with a clear and easy to use Opt In Form.

The blog or the website that you set up, is where your landing page lives! Not sure what is this all about? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Thus, a Landing Page is the DESTINATION you want your customers to reach.

A landing page usually consists of:

  • An engaging title that grabs your customers’ attention
  • A high quality image
  • A short copy explaining what is this all about
  • An Opt In Form, which is the most important element.

In this Opt In Form, you can ask your customers to share –among others- their name and email address, which will be automatically saved in your treasure email list.

ATTENTION: Any Landing page has something to offer in exchange for the information submitted. This could be an extended warranty, discount coupons etc.

Unless you want your customers to hate you, please make sure that you will KEEP YOUR PROMISE. If you offer a free eBook, do whatever it takes to ensure that your customers will receive that.

To make your very own landing page, you can either hire a professional through Fiverr, Upwork or any other paid service or you can invest some time to build your very own landing page. (Don’t worry, it is easier than you think)

In case you choose the latter option, here is a list of the most popular Landing Page Builder Softwares.

Leadpages · Pricing plans start from $25/Month
· 30-day money back guarantee
Instapages · Pricing plans start from $29/Month
· 14-day free trial
Unbounce · Pricing plans start from $49/Month
· 30-day free trial period

That Was The Complete Guide (or Your Treasure Map) To Your Email List Building!

In a nutshell:

  1. Email Marketing Software -> Where the Emails Will Be Saved
  2. Website or Blog-> Where your Landing Page Lives
  3. Insert Cards or Product Package -> The Bait, What Connects You & Your Customers
  4. Landing Page -> Where Your Customers Sign Up To Enter Your List

The purpose of the whole endeavor is to turn your Amazon store into an Empire.
Do not, I repeat DO NOT use these methods trying to direct your customers out of Amazon’s platform, to purchase your products from your own site.
This would be strictly against Amazon’s policies and the penalties could be severe.


I am sure that by now you feel that building your email list seems like a tedious, time consuming and challenging task.Well, the good news is that most of Amazon sellers feels exactly the same. And the result?  The vast majority of them, does not bother building their own list.

Yes, there is proof!

A survey among 200 prestigious amazon sellers that joined one of the biggest Amazon summits- the Live Summit in Vegas, 2017 (yes, we were there too!) showed that:

You don’t need to be a math genius to realize that just 2.7% have unraveled the power of email marketing and make great profits from it.

(Survey by Jason Katzenback)

Yes, you got it right.
No matter how strong are your competitors now, building your email list instantly gives you major competitive advantage, allowing you to thrive on Amazon, in the long run.

How do you imagine your Amazon store in 2 years from now?

A slow, depressing and decaying business that barely makes any sales and launches new products once a year
A blooming, money making enterprise with a strong and responsive customer base that is the skin and bones of your business?

If you value your business and the time you have devoted to it, URGE yourself to go the extra mile and start building your very own email list today. This is the vehicle that will drive you to the top. Once you reach the destination, there is no way back.

Well, the choice is yours!

PS.Feel welcome to share your progress with us in the comment section below.

Which part of the process are you currently working on or which part is giving you the hardest time? Unless we know your questions, we can’t give you the answer!

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