(Step by Step): Upgrade To Amazon’s New & Free “Enhanced Brand Content” For 30% Higher Sales 

enhanced brand content

 Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Results To Jaw-Dropping 30% Higher Conversions, Amazon Claims


Before diving into the step by step procedure for setting up the Enhanced Brand Content Feature, it’s important to see what EBC is and why you must set it up fast.

Have you ever browsed Amazon product pages only to figure out that there are some product listings that are full of fancy graphics and captivating little details?

(Which you don’t have!)

Let’s admit it, regular product listings that do not look quite as well.

Perhaps, your pages are regular as well and you have been wondering how you can “upgrade” to these beautiful looking detail pages you see all over Amazon.

Well, that’s what precisely what Enhanced Brand Content does for you.

Here is an example of a regular listing’s product description area:

enhanced brand content

Not quite impressive right?

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The “Product Information” area is standard, so all you can play around with is the description.

As you can see, you can simply add paragraph spacing or bolding, and maybe bulleted lists.

That’s all!

It doesn’t look bad, but it certainly does not look like this:

enhanced brand content

The difference you see is called “Enhanced Brand Content”, which is now available for most Amazon Sellers.

For most?

So, you say it’s not available to every Amazon Seller.

Yes, that’s precisely what I am saying. Read on to figure out whether or not you can have it.

And don’t worry if you are not eligible. I will show you the exact steps to follow in order to become.

For now, let’s talk some important stuff about Amazon’s new Enhanced Brand Content.

There are three types of “advanced” and graphic enhanced detail pages and their names are:

  1. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  2. Enhanced Marketing Content (EMC)
  3. A+ Content

In fact, there is not some significant difference between them. All of them offer advanced formatting capabilities, graphic enhanced product descriptions and perhaps higher conversions or traffic.

The difference lies to who is eligible for getting them.

Let’s explain this further:

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Until early November 2016, Enhanced Brand Content was not available.

By January 2017 it became available to almost every single user of Amazon’s Seller Central.

Enhanced Marketing Content (EMC)

This has so far been available to Amazon’s Vendor Express program, which is actually a “lite” version of Amazon Vendor program.

If you signed up for Vendor Express, you would be allowed to use EMC content.

However, thanks to the introduction of EBC (enhanced brand content), you no longer have to sign up for Vendor Express to be using graphic enhanced detail pages.

A+ Content

This has so far been available to exclusively Amazon’s Vendors, big brand names and Sellers that generated huuuuuge sales volumes.

This video gives you a nice sneak peak into A+ Content, what its benefits are and how members of Vendor Central have so far been able to boost their Amazon sales, rankings and SEO relevance using it:

Thanks to EBC though, even small businesses selling on Amazon or newer sellers can now have enhanced marketing pages!


Well, it is…but ONLY for the moment.

What does this mean?

You will figure out shortly…

How To Increase Amazon Sales With The New And Free “Enhanced Brand” Content

As the subheading says, enhanced brand content is “new and free”.

Actually, if you head over to Seller Central, you will see it displayed under guess what tab!

The Advertising tab, surprisingly enough!

enhanced brand content

That’s because it will be soon transitioning to a PAID feature. It’s only free for the time being, but it will become paid later on..

So, you should better get it right now, before Amazon starts asking you to pay for it.

It makes sense anyway.

If they took time to roll out a new feature that helps with boosting conversions, SEO relevance and customer purchase confidence, people should pay for that “extra boost”.

Nothing good in this world comes free, at least, not forever.

How & why does Enhanced Brand Content increase your product sales?


What EBC does is turning your product detail page to something that is called a “long form sales letter”.

Masters of copywriting have been using long form sales letter since the early 1900s to generate more revenue.

Most of the times, long form sales letters lead to increased sales.

Since the copy is longer, there is ample space for writing as much as possible in order to persuade the potential buyer.

Imagine trying to sell “stock investment portfolio management services” and the only thing your ad said was this:

“Hire us for stock investment portfolio management services”

Not really enticing right?

They’ve left so many questions unanswered.

That’s where long form sales copy comes handy. It allows for answering questions and eliminating objections in the customer’s mind, thus reducing their fear and increasing their risk tolerance.

Enhanced Brand Content is essentially a long form sales letter.

What is more, thanks to it being enriched with images and other fancy graphics, it has the possibility to ignite additional buying triggers in the customer’s mind.

After all, visuals such as images and videos are easier in transmitting a message and persuading someone to buy.

Why do you think TV commercials work that well?

Because they incorporate powerful advertising and copywriting into visually compelling elements, expressed through well thought stories.

So, which are the benefits of using the enhanced brand content?


  1. You are able to add images into the Product Description.
  2. At this time there is no fee for being able to do this.


Here are the links to the official help pages inside Seller Central:


Now, if you are ready to set it up, here is how:

(Step by Step): Upgrade To Amazon’s New & Free “Enhanced Brand Content”

So, it is a no brainer that you need to upgrade to Enhanced Brand Content.

The requirements are:

  • Professional selling account
  • Registered brand


So, unless you have a brand that has gone through the Brand Registry process, you won’t have access to the EBC tool.

In short, here are the brand registry requirements according to Amazon:

  • An image of your product packaging with branding visible on the packaging.
  • An image of a product with your branding visible on the product itself.
  • Link to an active website that displays your brand or products.

Note: If you don’t have a website set up for your brand, don’t worry. We can help with that. Contact us on Fiverr and we will get you up and running within 24-48 hours.

If your brand is registered, then here is how to implement EBC into your listings:

Step 1: Check if you can find EBC in the drop-down menu under “advertising”

enhanced brand content

Since this is a new feature, it might not show up under the Advertising tab, even if you are brand registered.


Well, god knows why. First and foremost, depending on when you read this, Amazon might not have rolled this out for your category yet.

Or there might have been a new change in their policies which has rendered you ineligible for using enhanced brand content.

So, if you don’t see it there, you need to reach out to Amazon’s support. They will activate it for you, provided that you are brand registered.

Step 2: Choose the listing you want to edit by searching for it using your SKU

enhanced brand content

Simply input the listing’s SKU in the respective field and click the “get started button”.

Easy as that.

Step 3: Choose your desired template

enhanced brand content

You have a choice between 5 different layouts.

The first and second ones are really image-oriented while the third and fourth require using less images. The fifth one is simply a big image with a bunch of text underneath.

There is no optimal template, albeit we recommend that you use either the 2nd or 3rd.

That’s because they big “hero” type of images really make it visually captivating and allow you to showcase your product in a more engaging and impressive way.

Step 4: Adding & Editing The Content

enhanced brand content

enhanced brand content

Simply add your text and images in the respective fields.

Save the changes or click “submit” to send the content for validation and approval.


Your EBC Listing will be up and running very soon!

However, there is something important you need to pay attention to…BEFORE you click save and submit.

Under NO circumstances, should you use the same images with your product listing’s.

The images you use for the EBC part of the listing should be unique.

Don’t be one of those lazy sellers that take the easy path of uploading the same images.

There are a couple of reasons why:

  • Amazon favors originality.
  • Customers favor originality and professional presentation.
  • You’ve already showed them on the top area. Showing them again at the lower area indicates you do not take your brand seriously enough to get new images.


Think about it.

Why would your customers want to see the exact same thing twice?

They scroll down in search for more info. They don’t scroll down to see the same thing.

Would you ever pay to go to the cinema, and then pay again the next day to see the same movie?

You wouldn’t, because you have just seen it.

Psychologically speaking, if your customers see the exact same images, it won’t elicit any emotional response.

Their brains won’t be flooded with dopamine due to seeing something new.

So, show them something new, if you want to have solid chances to make the sale!

enhanced brand content

How Enhanced Brand Content (A+) Can Boost Your Amazon Sales by 30% And Utterly Destroy Your Competition

Amazon’s testing has revealed that upgrading a regular listing to an enhanced listing drives conversions significantly up.

Whereas a 30% claim may be outrageous or out of consideration for smaller brands, any seller could reap significant rewards out of it.

Even a 5-15% uplifting in sales might result to tens of thousands, hundreds or even millions of additional dollars per year.

Other benefits include:

1. Higher traffic

What is more, switching to Enhanced Brand Content will probably give you an extra surge of organic traffic.

Amazon hasn’t confirmed that EBC improves your keyword rankings, however, such a feature could certainly be a new addition to their ranking algorithm.

Even if it only improved conversions, that would alone lead to more traffic and higher keyword rankings since the product would be more “validated” in the eyes of Amazon.

So, undoubtedly, switching to enhanced brand content is a smart move.

2. Stronger branding

With enhanced brand content, you get a dedicated area inside the product description where you can talk more about yourself and your brand.

This not only works as the foundation of getting your brand known, but it might engage some customers in a deeper level.

3. More control over hijackers

So far, people could have ended up re-selling your product, maybe at a price that you wouldn’t approve.

Thanks to updates in the Brand Registry process, now they actually have to ask you for permission before they sell your product on Amazon.

So, no more hijacking. You get to choose if someone else can sell your product.

That’s one more reason to get brand registered which consequently gives you access to the enhanced brand content feature.

Final Thoughts On Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)


Amazon’s initiative to launch A+ content for third party sellers is really exciting news.

Since this is a temporarily free feature that’s going to be soon turned paid, sellers must definitely capitalize on this opportunity immediately.

Set up your EBC content as soon as you can, and it will remain free even afterwards if you do that now, based on what Amazon says.

If you have dozens or hundreds of products, follow the 80/20 pareto principle of efficiency.

Simply update your best-selling products with the EBC tool. Perhaps you could even enhance those products that are struggling but you think have great potential.

Certainly don’t waste weeks trying to update your entire catalog.

If you are selling lots of items, that would prove to be counter-productive, as it would take away time from other important activities.

Until next time,


PS: What do you think about EBC? Have you implemented it yet? Let us know in the comments below!

PPS: If you need help with writing or setting up your Enhanced Brand Content, we could do that for you. Just click here to get in touch.

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